Have you written a vision for your business or your life? It was a great exercise and you got your peeps on board – go you! But within a couple of weeks, it’s like it never happened.
What? Hang on… You were pumped. They were pumped. How could those magical words you agreed on and held dear already be fish and chip paper?

What if I told you about a technique guaranteed to make your vision memorable for years to come? Your vision itself isn’t a problem. And in fact articulating what you want to achieve in one, three, five, etc. years’ time is an amazing and valuable exercise. It’s how you document your vision that’s the challenge. You need to go visual, get arty, and reap the benefits of creating a Pictorial Vision!

Whether you’re leading a business, a team, you’re a solopreneur, or you want to get some clarity on the year ahead – a pictorial vision is a great way to express what you want to achieve, in a way you’ll remember! This fun exercise is a great bonding opportunity for your team – everyone has their say.

So, if you want your people to keep heading in the same direction, or you want to keep your own personal goals top of mind, a pictorial vision is for you!

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