Zoom Coaching

Individual mindset shifts that shift your business in the right direction.

It’s no big secret. Zoom coaching is a magic wand for individual leaders and team members who need a little extra help to build their confidence and thrive. Maybe you could even do with a dose to explore different ways of dealing with the challenges you’re facing? Or just to regain that work-life balance that’s become a distant memory…

We take a practical approach to zoom coaching that helps individuals recognise and overcome their limiting beliefs and ways of thinking.

You don’t have months to wait for an improvement. That’s why we provide tools that you and your people can apply straight away. Meanwhile we steer conversations to deliver the results you need.

Having coached hundreds of business owners, leaders and team members – we know the territory and we know what works. Trust is critical and we build it quickly because we empathise and understand. After all, we’ve got similar war stories!

Client feedback

“I’ve been fortunate enough to receive Personal Efficiency Training and Leadership Coaching through Jacqui from The Great Scott Company.

I have been able to utilise the training I received to enhance not only my professional world but personal life also. Now I make more efficient use of my time and this frees me up to do the things I enjoy. Being more efficient with what I do means I can plan better and make myself available for my team to support and lead my team.

The personable approach Jacqui takes means it felt like my training was catered directly to my own personal learning style and I was constantly learning more about myself and the influence I can have on others.

I am very grateful for all I have learnt from Jacqui.”

Mike Clayton – Works Manager, Brian Perry Civil

Business and Corporate Executive Coaching on Zoom

Time to figure out that work-life balance? Get a coach and get home in time for tea.

You’re mastering your business, but we know it takes being a workaholic to get there (yup). So, how do you regain balance in your life?

We can help. We understand the unique challenges you face. Whilst we’re not untouchable ahem, we know that an external perspective can make all the difference. We’ll ask the right questions and challenge you to dig deep. When you think out loud, you’ll be surprised at what comes up and is reflected back to you.

You spend all your time at work worrying about and taking care of others. Maybe it’s time to put your own oxygen mask on…

Capability Development Funding
for Business Owners

If you’re a Business Owner, you may be able to apply for capability development funding available through the Regional Business Partner Network (RPBN). Our registered programmes include Coaching for Business Owners, Leadership Training for Business Owners, and Sales Training for Business Owners.

Find out more by visiting www.regionalbusinesspartners.co.nz or get in touch.

Leadership Coaching on Zoom

For leaders who’ll get results because their people are motivated and well supported.

Leadership’s a tough gig, even if you’re a natural. You’re supposed to have all the answers. To deal with situations on the fly, or risk looking like you don’t know what you’re doing. So, what happens when you get stuck?

Imagine your leaders being able to share freely what’s top of mind and discovering new and useful ways of thinking about things. Learning tools to overcome the challenges they face. Feeling cool as a cucumber no matter what the day throws at them…

We love coaching leaders because they can make a huge difference in the workplace. And that’s what we’re all about.

Staff Coaching on Zoom

Fast track your team members’ confidence and ability to perform at their best, and enjoy what they do!

Coaching’s not just for managers! It’s for anyone who wants to be the best version of themself. Coaching is an amazing opportunity for your team members to discover their potential and learn new ways to deal with old problems – or the stuff that happened last week!

During a coaching session, we’ll talk about what’s top of mind for them. It could be what’s getting in their way, or what they aspire to at work. Or, we might cover useful tools and techniques that help them on the job.

When you provide a bit of extra individual support, you’ll be blown away by the results and your people will love you for it.

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