Retail Sales Workshop – 2 days

Create an in-store experience that guarantees return customers.

Who’s it for?

This retail sales training is suitable for face to face retail store staff.

It’s an ideal opportunity to upskill and set solid standards for new sales people, as well as existing team members who aren’t performing as well as you’d like.


In this 2-day workshop we’ll provide your retail sales people with solid techniques to bring your customers on the sales journey, in a way that makes the customer want to buy, as opposed to feeling pushed to buy. Resulting in more productive customer conversations and in-store sales!


Your retails sales people will learn our logical, easy to understand ‘Buyer’s Psychology’ and ‘6 Steps to Sale’ – tailored to retail sales. We’ll encourage them to share the most difficult sales situations they’ve experienced or fear, and we’ll provide tried and tested ways of dealing with each scenario.

Through our own love of sales, hands-on knowledge, exercises, discussion, and role-play, we’ll share techniques and fill them full of confidence to create the pull sell!

Cost: NZD $1,590.00 excl. GST

You can pay by credit card or request an invoice payable within 7 days of receipt.

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Retails Sales Training with The Great Scott Company

Retail Sales 6th-7th October

6 October at 9:30 am to 7 October at 5:00 pm

Retails Sales Training with The Great Scott Company

Retail Sales 3rd-4th November

3 November at 9:30 am to 4 November at 5:00 pm

Retails Sales Training with The Great Scott Company

Retail Sales 1st-2nd December

1 December at 9:30 am to 2 December at 5:00 pm

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Feedback from course participants

“The GSC has in my opinion forever changed my life, our tutor Ruth was an amazing woman who not only showed me a way to better myself personally but also professionally…”

“I have found that the skills we learnt as part of the two day workshop have been invaluable to my work. Russ made the course fun, informative and no question was left unanswered…”

“Before attending Telemarketing Workshop we had been averaging 6 sales per month over the previous year, now this has been increased to 23 sales per month!!! Our overall turnover has increased by 22%…”

“I just wanna say a big thanks to Russ for a thoroughly informative and fun couple of days. I know this will make a huge change in the way I do things and at work and other areas of my life. Because it’s really important to communicate well, isn’t it? LOL…”


Maximum group size 10 = Maximum engagement

Some providers boast ‘small group’ sizes of up to 30. We know better. That’s why we limit our competency workshops to a maximum of 10 people. When we say we guarantee a personal experience tailored to you – we’re not kidding!

Because you’re not just selling products, you’re creating an experience

Those on your shop floor are arguably the most important people in your organisation (don’t tell the others!). Most of your customers will base their buying decisions on their in-store experience. Sure – your products need to be good, but if your people aren’t, your sales are at risk!

If you want to eliminate that risk and increase sales, our Retail Sales training is a no brainer!

When it comes to sales, you won’t find more enthusiastic and experienced facilitators to work with. It makes sense that our sales process is geared around the way customers prefer to buy in-store. We focus on the pull method – making customers feel like they want to buy, as opposed to feeling pressured to buy. We also share our unique proven method to keep customers in-store – the opposite of the old pounce method that sends people running for the door!

After two days of retail sales training with us, your people will brim with confidence and be prepared to make your customers’ experience in-store one that not only generates a sale, but one they’ll tell their friends about too.


of course participants gave our trainers and excellence rating of 4 or 5 stars for their knowledge.


of course participants gave our trainers and excellence rating of 4 or 5 stars for their ability to engage.


Or ask a question about this workshop

    Your people will return from this retail sales training with a clear understanding of:

    • What it takes to be a great leader – through mindset, language, and action.
    • Their leadership potential (positive leadership traits) and development opportunities (the areas they can work on through course content and self-reflection).
    • People – what makes them tick and how to keep them!
    • How to create a high performing team.
    • Different ways to motivate individuals and groups.
    • How to handle tough conversations.
    • How to coach – they’ll have practised too and received constructive feedback.
    • The impacts of poor leadership, and the minefield of PGs and how to avoid them.
    • The impact of negative attitudes.
    • What positive language sounds like and types of negative language they currently use.
    • What a positive mindset looks like – how to maintain one, and what negative thoughts they currently have.
    • Personality styles and how best to communicate.
    • Meeting and greeting for best results.
    • Body language and personal presentation.
    • The Psychology of the Buyer.
    • The 6 Steps to Sale.
    • How to build rapport – take control, build trust, and provide direction.
    • Powerful questions to ask that uncover needs and desires.
    • How to summarise your customer’s needs to confirm understanding.
    • How to make the best recommendation and highlight the benefits.
    • Cost/Investment in a way that’s palatable.
    • How to get a decision.
    • Overcoming objections.
    • A unique method to keep people in-store and not scare them away!

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    Working one on one, we’ll discuss what’s been implemented, boost confidence, and address any gaps. Your sales person’s in the driving seat. We’re there to guide thinking and share examples – making it 100% useful and relevant.

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