Leadership Coaching

The ultimate tool to help your leaders get the best out of your people.

Who’s it for?

Leadership coaching is for managers, team leaders, and anyone responsible for leading others in any capacity.


To help your leaders deal with challenges they’re facing, and to provide an objective view of areas they could improve on. Together we’ll work on mindset, as well as practical solutions that can be implemented straightaway.

After each leadership coaching session, your leader will come away with a different perspective. They’ll feel good about what they’re doing well, and they’ll have a plan to overcome issues and get their team performing.


We’ll start by getting to know your leader and your business, making it easier for them to share their challenges in context. We’ll provide useful tools and advice, whilst building their confidence and self-belief.

During each 1-hour session, we’ll talk about what’s top of mind. We’ll work through real challenges and create a useful action plan to implement between sessions.

From $1,020.00 excl. GST (based on 3 x 1-hour sessions)

Contact us today to discuss a coaching package that will bring out the best in your leader. Then schedule an initial 1-hour session in Jacqui’s calendar – easy!

Once your coaching package is confirmed, we’ll send you an invoice payable within 7 days of receipt (and before your first coaching session).

Client feedback

“Using your techniques and passing on valuable information gained during our workshop, we have seen a great improvement within our teams. Not only are the team refreshed and empowered, they are feeling and showing much more confidence in their sales. Our last HOED reports have come back to us since our time with you at 100% and 96%!! Thank you for passing on your knowledge and tips to support my team.”

Kirsten – Multi Retail Store Manager

“I have been fortunate enough to receive Personal Efficiency Training and Leadership Coaching through Jacqui from The Great Scott Company.

I have been able to utilise the training I received to enhance not only my professional world but personal life also. Now I make more efficient use of my time and this frees me up to do the things I enjoy. Being more efficient with what I do means I can plan better and make myself available for my team to support and lead my team.

The personable approach Jacqui takes means it felt like my training was catered directly to my own personal learning style and I was constantly learning more about myself and the influence I can have on others.

I am very grateful for all I have learnt from Jacqui.”

Mike Clayton – Works Manager, Brian Perry Civil

For leaders who’ll get results because they know how to motivate and support their people

Managing people can be hard going, so it’s likely your leaders struggle from time to time. Or maybe you’ve got a particular leader whose team isn’t performing, and you know their lack of confidence is an issue. You’d like to spend time coaching, but you’re already strapped for time. So, what are you going to do?

Let us take care of it! We’ve been coaching leaders for years and we’ve got what it takes to help your leaders become highly effective. Whether they need help with specific leadership challenges, figuring out how to get the best out of their people, or to work on mindset and build confidence – we’ll offer valuable support, advice, and tools to get them on track.

Leadership coaching is a powerful approach that supports growth and will help your leaders get the very best out of their people. Over time, your leader will not only feel happier in their role and ability to do their job well, they’ll also deliver the results you need!

Ask a question about Leadership Coaching

    Do your leaders have the tools and knowledge they need to be great?

    We’ve got leadership workshops to upskill aspiring, new, and experienced leaders.

    It’s easy to put leaders in place and let them get on with the people-management side of things. But you know it takes a lot to be a great leader. So, if you’re not 100% certain your leaders are equipped to deal with the responsibility they’re facing, send them to us!

    Our Public Training Workshops are an ideal way to upskill your leaders and make sure they have the tools and knowledge to succeed.

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