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We’ve got the proven recipe for team transformation.

Do you have a team who aren’t quite as cohesive as you’d like? Maybe they aren’t working together, they’ve created a blame culture, or you just want them to smooth out a few rough edges? Our Team Building Events in NZ are the perfect antidote for poor performance!

When it comes to identifying the source of team discontent or poor performance and nipping it in the bud, we’re experts. We’ll find the best solution and tailor it to meet your needs. Count on your team coming back to work buzzing, motivated, and with clarity about how to work better together.

All teams are different and we want to hit the mark with yours. That’s why we’ll spend time upfront observing them and having discussions to determine what we believe the issues might be. From there, we’ll design a unique plan. One that not only targets the issues and delivers the outcomes you need, but that also creates a healthy dynamic based on respect for each other.

Once we’ve climbed the mountain and safely got down the other side, we’ll facilitate a discussion to share learning. We’ll encourage everyone to share their epiphanies from the event and agree actions to keep moving forward.

Give your team a chance to lift their performance to new heights…

Our team building events in NZ are a winner if:

  • Your team are working independently from each other – you need them to break down barriers and work together.
  • There’s unhealthy conflict in the team – you want to create a safe opportunity for them to air their differences and find a way forward.
  • You’ve got a newly formed team and you want them to develop a bond quickly.
  • Your team would benefit from creating a vision together and discussing where they’ll be in a year or so.
  • You’ve got an outstanding team – you want to reward them by giving them an opportunity to let their hair down together!
  • Or maybe you’ve got a different team concern and you’ve no idea how to handle it…

Client feedback

“All our team from Marley NZ that attended the conference thought it was great and it’s brought about an amazing change for the better. Superbly organized just for us and planned with some welcome surprises, we walked away with a clearer, more dynamic vision that has united the team like never before. We were just thrilled with it all so now we’re looking forward to a brilliant year and more of the same!”

Ari Cochrane – Contact Centre Manager, Marley NZ

Tried and tested team building events in NZ that we can tailor to meet your team’s need

These are just some of the team events we’ve designed and run for teams in the past. We can tailor any of these to meet the needs of your team. Or, create an event especially for you!

Oozing Positivity

Are you fed up with negativity in a particular team? They’ve become ‘realists’. The cup’s half empty and their mindsets and conversation have become negative – maybe bringing others down? They need a good kick… of positivity!

This 3-hour team session will be sure to challenge and ignite a spark in each of your people that creates a vortex of positivity from here on out! In turn, the whole team will experience a long-term positive effect that makes work (and home life) way more enjoyable, and benefits your customers too!

Oozing Positivity with Personality Styles and Team Dynamics

You’ve got a team who’s lagging, they’re not performing as a team and their results are suffering. It could be they’ve undergone a lot of change recently. Or, maybe they’ve a new leader or team member and the dynamic has changed.

It’s easily fixed in this 5-hour session! In addition to oozing positivity, our experienced facilitator will see and know what’s really going on in the room. We’ll create a safe environment where your people are able to openly discuss what’s happening. We’ll help them understand how they impact each other through their different personality styles and mindsets, enabling them to resolve their differences and start a fresh.

Storming Norman (180°feedback)

You have a group of people who need to work together as a team but you know something’s up. There are issues with the team dynamic and no one’s talking (to each other’s faces). An unhealthy undercurrent is weighing everything down, like a rug threatening to be pulled. You’re not the only one losing sleep over this…

Luckily, Storming Norman’s a life saver! We create a safe environment in which your team members are able to have their say in a way that enables the whole team to move forward together.

We start by interviewing each person one on one, seeking feedback on team mates. Feedback is summarised, ensuring it’s constructive, then shared privately with each team member after hours. We encourage your people to reflect overnight about what they could do differently. The next day, we bring the team together for a fresh start. We facilitate open, healthy discussion that helps them iron out issues and understand what they can each do for the good of the team. It’s a serious winner every time!

Team Building: Amazing Race with Personality Styles and Team Dynamics

Your fantastic team needs some well-earned time out. You want to reward them with a fun session together, but you also want to use this opportunity to strengthen the team further.

Having fun in a way that helps them gain a deeper understanding of each other and their internal / external customers, will help your people work and problem solve even better with each other.

The Amazing Race package is designed to do just that. We’ll tailor it so it works for your team, is informative and engaging with a huge interactivity score. They’ll come back to work buzzing after a half-day out and about! We’ll also spend 2-hours on their personality styles and team dynamics either before the race or at a later date – this session guarantees a further boost!

Keynote speaking at your next annual conference

It’s time to get your people together to share company news and celebrate success. These events take a lot of planning, not to mention the hit of taking your staff out of BAU. But you know that if it’s done right – the result will be well worth the effort.

To make the most of the rare opportunity of having everyone together, you need an agenda that ROCKS! An educational and fun feel good boost!

Jacqui’s an experienced keynote speaker and is well known for literally ‘Oozing Positivity’ at group events. So, before you lock in a plan, find out more about how we can contribute to your most successful conference yet!

A Transformational Team Building Event…

A Transformational Team Building Event…

The Challenge

Brett was pulling his hair out from having to handle soooo many escalated customer complaints. His team were divided, unhappy, demotivated and lacked the skills they needed to provide excellent customer service.

He called us because he’d seen us MC’ing on stage at the National Contact Centre (CRM) Awards, and noticed many of our customers winning awards. He wanted that for his team.

We love a challenge, so we tailored a Great Scott Team Building Event to get the team back on track. We helped them eliminate escalations, build relationships with each other, and of course – WOW their customers. To achieve this winning outcome we designed a day event just for them…

Saving Private Ryan

The agenda was a secret – all they knew was where to meet and at what time.

We herded them into a bus, gave them camo bandanas and got them to black their faces as if heading into war. We disembarked in the local bush area and gave a briefing.

“Private Ryan’s helicopter has gone down in the hills under enemy fire. You need to find them, provide first aid, build a stretcher, and get them out safely – across and downstream on a raft you’ll need to build with tyres.”

There were several routes leading to where Private Ryan could be so they’d need to split up. This meant needing to figure out a way of communicating with each other. (Which they figured out much later and learned more lessons from!).

The Result

They emerged from the bush hours later, thrilled to have achieved their goal. All without dropping Private Ryan (who was a REAL person!) into the stream, as they floated them to safety on the tyres.

The team got changed and we went for a team dinner where stories of the day unfolded resulting in a lot of heartfelt laughs.

This team not only won that day – they went on to win their Industry Award for excellence in customer service that year.

Back in the office, the team started working together and complaints stopped escalating. They went on to became one of the most dynamic teams we’ve ever worked with.

What if you need to upskill your team?

Fun is on the list, your team getting to know each other better too! But what you really need is to upskill them in a particular topic. Whether they need to refresh their customer service skills, find a way to boost sales, or become better leaders – we’ve got the solution.

We don’t just come to your place and deliver training. We get to know your business so we can tailor training that meets your needs and deliver in a way that’s aligned to your culture. Oh and we won’t forget the fun -it’s built into all our training sessions!

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