Imagine creating a unique and compelling Company Vision guaranteed to endure…

Sounds like a tall order?

Have you gone all out to create a Company Vision, only to find that your people weren’t that into it? Or maybe they were full of enthusiasm on the day, but just a few weeks later, your precious vision became fush and chup paper?!

A Company Vision is an extremely powerful tool, if done well.

It goes without saying that when you create a vision, you need to involve everyone. If your approach is still ‘top-down’, it wouldn’t hurt to get in touch for some executive coaching! (Seriously, we can help).

A great team visioning exercise will:

  • bring your people together and unify them
  • inspire your people to want to do their best for your business
  • clarify purpose and get everyone on the same page
  • get your people really excited about what you’re collectively striving for and the kind of team you want to be
  • be something your people continuously live and breathe!

Imagine creating a vision with this result and how it could transform your business! It’s the kind of value you almost can’t put a price tag on! And yet, when you get the Great Scott Team in to run your team visioning exercise, you’ll gain all this and some…

We take a fun, inclusive, and highly creative approach your people will love. And when we come and facilitate this session for you, it gives YOU the opportunity to be fully involved. Your people will love you all the more for rolling up your sleeves and getting covered in glitter!

So, whether you have a vision that just isn’t working, or you’ve never created a company vision and obviously want one now you’ve read this newsletter – watch the video below to find out more! Then book a slot in my calendar to chat about what this could look like for your team…

Oh and in case you haven’t guessed – the image above is our very own Great Scott Vision! Want to know what it means? Click here to find out!