If you’re leading people, you’ll know it’s mid-year performance review time! Are you on top of them? Or filled with a sense of dread because you don’t talk about performance with your people often enough? Whether you’re a one on one pro, or the latter rings true – I’ve got a cool framework to help you up your game!

One on ones take time and can feel like a drain. Especially if you’re a leader with a lot of project work on. But when you discuss performance with your people on a regular basis, you set them and yourself up for success every day. Not to mention making key performance review times a walk in the park…

Want to learn my secret for running easy and effective one on one performance discussions?

The CICOS (current, ideal, consequences, obstacles, solution) framework! Use it to support every discussion and not only will you get comfortable providing crucial feedback, but your people will know exactly what to expect and leave every meeting with a targeted plan.

In this month’s 5-minute video discover the CICOS model and extra tips to help you run one on ones that get results.

CICOS framework for effective one on ones