Business and Corporate Executive Coaching

Because even The Boss could do with a bit of help sometimes.

Who’s it for?

Our business and corporate executive coaching is for business owners (from one-man bands to those who’ve built an empire) and senior leaders who could benefit from support, help, or advice.

If you think you can do better but you’re not sure where to start, or you’re feeling stuck and lacking energy to make that next push, coaching could be perfect for you.


To help you deal with challenges you’re facing, and to provide an objective view of areas you could improve on. Plus tools and advice from an experienced business owner of 20+ years. I’ll help you iron out the creases in your business and achieve more than you ever have.

After each business / corporate executive coaching session, you’ll come away with a different perspective. You’ll feel motivated, having acknowledged what’s going well, and you’ll have a clear plan to address challenges and evolve your business.


We’ll start by getting to know each other and your business, to help you share your challenges in context. I’ll help you figure out what’s going on with your approach and your business, and share practical tools and advice to help you get the results you want.

During each 1-hour session, we’ll talk about what’s top of mind for you. We’ll work together to understand what’s getting in the way and why, and create a useful action plan to implement between sessions.

From $1,020.00 excl. GST (based on 3 x 1-hour sessions)

Contact us today to discuss a coaching package that suits you. Then schedule your first 1-hour session in Jacqui’s calendar – easy!

Once your coaching package is confirmed, we’ll send you an invoice payable within 7 days of receipt (and before your first coaching session).

Client feedback

“I have been fortunate enough to receive Personal Efficiency Training and Leadership Coaching through Jacqui from The Great Scott Company.

I have been able to utilise the training I received to enhance not only my professional world but personal life also. Now I make more efficient use of my time and this frees me up to do the things I enjoy. Being more efficient with what I do means I can plan better and make myself available for my team to support and lead my team.

The personable approach Jacqui takes means it felt like my training was catered directly to my own personal learning style and I was constantly learning more about myself and the influence I can have on others.

I am very grateful for all I have learnt from Jacqui.”

Mike Clayton – Works Manager, Brian Perry Civil

“I was introduced to Jacqui through my sister. It was just before Christmas 2021 and I had decided to start my own business. I called Jacqui and after chatting about my business plan she immediately made me feel that my idea was very possible. Jacqui has a great positive, cheerful and encouraging attitude which made me feel inspired and motivated to start planning for my business.

We scheduled 3 coaching sessions in the New Year and after each session I was given tasks to complete in order to move towards my goal of starting my business. Jacqui helped me choose a name for my business which she put out in an online poll. I love the name as do many of my friends. My business is in the service industry and Jacqui has a wealth of knowledge regarding language use with clients. I highly recommend Jacqui to anyone thinking of starting a business or who work in the service industry and need to know who their clients are and how to respond to them.”

Maria Bernard

Nail your business and your work-life balance!

Are you running your own business, wondering if you could do better? Or, maybe you’re just feeling stuck… There’s more you want to do, but you’re not sure where to start and it feels hard. Yup, it can be lonely at the top. Especially when you don’t have anyone to check in with, get advice from, and maintain accountability, not to mention motivation. After all – you’re the boss! So, do yourself a favour and try coaching.

Imagine being able to bounce all those ideas and share your challenges with someone who gets it. Someone who has heaps of experience to draw from, and can offer useful advice and tools to help you overcome issues and take your business to new heights.

With 20+ years of experience in business – we’re here for you. If we say we’ve been round the block a few times, it’s an understatement! We’ve seen it all. Staff issues, unhappy customers, new products pitched badly, motivation slumps, you name it. That’s why we’re in the best position to help you through business and corporate executive coaching.

So, if you’re a one-man/woman band who does everything from marketing, sales, customer service, to sweeping floors and distribution! Or, you’re managing a large team and your work-life balance got lost ages ago – we’re here to give you the support you need, when you need it.

Ask a question about our Business and Corporate Executive Coaching

    Have you been so busy that you’ve neglected your people and it’s impacting their performance?

    A team event or conference could change everything.

    You want to do right by your people, but you just don’t have the time. The longer you wait to do something, the harder it feels. Yet you know you need to get everyone together soon. To share the love, celebrate success, reiterate goals, and boost motivation…

    Being experts in team events and keynote speaking, we can design a session or a full-day that your people will love! All you need to do is tell us about your business and what you’d like to achieve, then leave the rest to us!

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