I do wonder why I’ve been allowed to live this long on earth when so many haven’t?

I mean, I’m not so special …

One of my favourite gospel artists Keith Green who became huge in the late 70s/80s, was married to his beautiful wife Melody and they had three children. Together they had a huge ministry not only in music, but they bought up homes in their neighbourhood to house people in need. When Melody was pregnant with their fourth child, Keith was killed in a plane crash. This really marked my teenage years as I remember thinking, “Wow, God let him die when he had so much to do in this world with his songwriting and Last Days Ministry?”

I know now it’s because he’d finished. He’d fulfilled his purpose by doing what he came here to do, which was then left for the next person to pick up.

I find that thought very reassuring – for those we’ve lost, it now makes perfect sense. They’d done their part. Imprinted the life or lives they were meant to. Or, were taken to a better place for some reason. I don’t have all the answers. But I do know – God doesn’t make mistakes – I trust in that.

So, clearly God hasn’t finished with me (or you!) yet! I’m sure my guardian angel is the one who’s aged, head in hands saying, “Nope, she’s still not learnt that one yet! Leave her there another year, see how we go.”

… I’m still working on what I’m here to do, and YOU are too.

You’re a part of that beautiful tapestry being created. Our lives have intertwined for a purpose and I love that. Some have crossed my path for a short time and others have stayed. But all continue to fill my life with a raft of experiences and emotions. Yes, I certainly do have a lot to be grateful for.

Have you ever wondered WHY you’re here?

My daughter and many of her friends have struggled with finding their purpose. My advice is always – just say ‘yes’ to opportunities and you’ll find out eventually … I didn’t until I was 36 and it can take way longer!

Last year my daughter had her ‘year of yes’ and it changed her world in sooo many ways. What a joy it was to see what unfolded!!

In my 60 years I’ve said yes to so many awesome opportunities – and hey – I didn’t know they were awesome at the time. I just said yes, then found out later if they were or not ha ha … and many were.

Each ‘yes’ was a stepping stone to my NOW. To my why … to impact others to impact others to impact others positively.

Every day this is reaffirmed with my leadership coaching, personal efficiency training and coaching, and workshops. I get to impart information, listen and share, and that often helps people in some way or another. One person told me a couple of weeks ago that our session was therapeutic, useful and fun. In the same week another thanked me for helping him through what was a very traumatic year. This is my why. What’s yours?

We’ve all lost people way too early, so I figure we’d better make damn sure the days we’ve been given count. Live life to the full, love hard, say “yes” more, make a difference every day, and of course … be grateful by waking up and saying “thank you”, we owe them all that much.

I don’t know what lesson I’m yet to learn, what the obstacle is that I need to overcome, what alignment I’m still waiting for … an experience, a person I still need to meet, forgive or help … But the journey is wild and authentic and heartbreaking, and healing and thrilling, and I’m so glad you’re on the journey with me.

So, thank you.

Would love to hear from you – just hit reply and send me a note! If there’s a topic you’d like me to cover, or you’d like me to deep dive into something I’ve mentioned, let me know. I’m here to impact you to impact others …

What are YOU here for?