We ALL know that salads are good for us right? Right! But this isn’t a blog about healthy food and helping our minds by feeding it what it needs, so that we can work at our optimal level (although CLEARLY it makes a difference – and we have years of scientific proof surrounding that fact!). No, what we want to discuss is the comparison between salads and sales people!

On our courses we teach the physiological structure around sales and the fact that each buyer as their own different taste and style and will buy off those with their preferred taste and style (see, not unlike salads!).

What we need is to find the salad (sales person) that best adapts to each buyer’s differing taste…someone who can be quiet when needed or louder when needed, depending on the buyer. Someone who can be assertive and to the point, or consultative and nurturing…

So when you’re hiring- think about what makes them appealing to customers, how adaptive are they? This is their X factor, and this is what you should spend your time and money working on- helping them to become adaptive to each client. Getting your staff to focus on this is a winner.

Now, a more obvious link to salads…the more colour you eat, the better for you and as a sales person, your brain does need to be firing on 100% at all times…we know that raw, fresh, slow sugar releasing fruit & veges will help you with that! We have spent time on the road with our clients Sales Reps and we have seen all manners of things – great and not so great, but the one thing that irks us is the occasional sales people saying ‘that they can’t be bothered today, they’re too tired’ and end up working at 50% capacity. Hey guys, this is not cool – your company pays you 100% of the time for 100% effort in your job. In other words, you need whatever it takes to work at 100%, because you are always paid for 100%!

We also know that eating well means you will be better organised, able to prepare and plan for client meetings, better concentration and listening skills when you are in there and of course following up on whatever ‘call for action’ came from each and every sales visit.

So you see, salads are more than just a yummy option for health, they WILL make you more organised, will help you concentrate and work at your optimum, will allow you to work on your gold nugget and outside of that – you’ll be the envy of all your work mates when you rock up on a Monday morning armed with 5 of those babies!



The basic idea when packing salads in jars is to start with the heaviest and most non-absorbent ingredients (including meat) with the dressing on the bottom of the jar and work your way up through the lighter ingredients until you end up with the salad greens themselves.

When you’re ready to eat your salad, just unscrew the cap and shake it into a bowl. Everything gets pretty compacted in the jar, so some vigorous shaking may be needed!

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