Success against targets on the days following the sales training increased by 100% i.e. they doubled their sales results. The results remained reasonably consistent over the following month with a 70-80% increase in total sales on average for the team. There was an obvious improvement in not only the sales pitch but also the team’s ability to build rapport with customers.

Before attending The Great Telemarketing Workshop we had been averaging 6 sales per month over the previous year, now this has been increased to 23 sales per month!!! Our overall turnover has increased by 22%. We would definitely recommend this course to any company as one of the most important areas you can train your staff in. Thanks Jacqui! As well as being a very fun course our sales and profit have increased.

Thank you so much for the sessions you conducted for the Team Leaders and TL apprentices. Almost without exception they emerged energised and with a new focus on coaching and supporting their people. This is exactly the result that I was looking for, or even a bit more as they seemed to be really inspired. You seem to have gone beyond just providing the tools, to really getting them excited about this new skill.

All our team from Marley NZ that attended the conference thought it was great and it’s brought about an amazing change for the better. Superbly organized just for us and planned with some welcome surprises, we walked away with a clearer, more dynamic vision that has united the team like never before. We were just thrilled with it all so now we’re looking forward to a brilliant year and more of the same!

“Jacqui – you are a STAR!! What a wonderful empowering woman you are. You have taught me so many wonderful tools. “What I can do” is deal with the stressed in a positive way to help in a way that is beneficial for them.
Thank you so much – I look forward to our next session very soon.”

“Thanks for the techniques. I had a wonderful experience with your training. I am sure I have better skills to deal with our students and now suppliers. It has become a daily thing for me to think how to use my telephone skills better.
Jacqui, I would love to see you return and share some more experiences with us!”

Leadership workshop – The two days spent with Jacqui flew by as she makes the time not only informative but interesting and fun as well. She is a fantastic coach and the skills that she has taught are invaluable and already being put into practice. Thank you Jacqui.

Thanks to the Great Scott Company and in particular Jacqui, our staff are far better equipped to manage our sales process. Our management team has also received great benefit from Jacqui’s insight and advice.

Jacqui provided a one day training for our staff. The training incorporated the customer service modules but also included various areas that we required. Right from the start nothing was too much trouble. The staff are still talking incredibly favourably about the training and the benefits they received from it. Jacqui is still following up with our staff members which is very impressive. A big thank you to Jacqui and the team. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to other clients.

Recently completed the “Great Leadership One” training course for new Team Leaders in the business, the topics, skills and techniques covered in the training by Jacqui was a life changing experience. Now I just feel so equipped to go out there and conquer. Thank you so much Jacqui love your work

I had just competed the workshop with Russel and it was amazing. I learnt alot and being in customer service it has made me learn to control my call and work with the customer and not against them. Thank you so much russel for all the hard work Im excited about this new skill :)

Having recently attended the Great Sales Workshop with Russell Dixon I have found that the skills that we learnt as part of the two day workshop have been invaluable to my work. He made the course fun, informative and no question was left unanswered. Thank you Russ It was a pleasure being part of the group.

“”I just wanna say a big thanks to Russ for a thoroughly informative and fun couple of days. I know this will make a huge change in the way I do things and at work and other areas of my life. Because it’s really important to communicate well, isn’t it? Lol

Russell was engaging, entertaining and made me feel like he was there as my personal life coach. And I’m sure everyone else in the room felt the same or similar.””

When Jacqui Scott became involved in our staff training at Wilson Storage I had been involved in the business of storage for about 10 years and believed myself to be a good salesperson, perhaps requiring some improvement in leadership skills. I was resistant to change and certainly did not welcome changes to my work habits. Thankfully Jacqui’s warmth, enthusiasm and positivity won me over and I feel absolutely blessed to have been involved in sales and leadership training with her and her team. The positive changes I have seen in my team of staff and the changes I feel within myself are enormous. Our productivity has increased, we feel a passion for our product and service and a commitment to the company we all serve. Our workplace has a renewed sense of purpose. Thank you Jacqui for opening my eyes to the potential within myself and the team I lead.

I had Jacqui in to talk to our advisers at The Mortgage Lab. You could instantly feel the shift in thought-process. Jacqui went above and beyond, staying afterwards to chat with people who had soaked in her great presentation. Highly recommend working with Jacqui.

The GSC has in my opinion forever changed my life, our tutor Ruth was an amazing woman who not only showed me a way to better myself personally but also professionally, I do and always will recommend this course to anyone who is looking to better their lives. It helped me come out of my own head and embrace the moment and taught me some amazing skills to better my professional career.

Thanks to GSC I now have a great job with awesome opportunities. Thanks Jacqui and Ruth.

Homecare Medical has utilised the services of the Great Scott Company on two occasions to fill positions within the Service and Support Advisor team. On both occasions, we have been able to hire staff who have completed the programs offered by Great Scott and found them to be of a high standard. Thanks for supporting our recruitment needs.

I really enjoyed attending the Great Scott Customer Service Course and having Ruth Carraway as a facilitator.
It was a high-energy, intensive course that managed to be informative and thought-provoking while still being fun.

We covered a wide range of diverse subjects which have helped me to become more goal orientated and confident in my job search.

I came back from a week of annual leave on Monday and the team here is buzzing! A huge thanks to your facilitator for what must have been a brilliant session – the staff are still talking about it (and gently correcting each other after each call)- With huge thanks and best wishes, Paul, CEO Childfund.

“ The decision to engage Great Scott for training support to our fledgling Wilson Storage business was both the right decision and a wise investment. Our staff transformed from individual players to that of a cohesive team and all have benefited from the ability to convert more sales by way of the simple but effective techniques presented to them by Jacqui.”

Let’s face it 2020 has been a year for any business to reckon with.

Be it a thriving, struggling, or brand-new start-up company, I believe all business entities are shaken up to some degree, and for many, it would be to epic proportions.

I had been in business for some time already prior to having Jacqui completely revive my sales process. I trained with her in 2019 and since the days spent with her everything about the success of my business turned north. The level of positivity was magnifying and the process she provided me with, being tried and tested, was beautifully simple and effective.

I can honestly say that my industry (professional photography) being one of the hardest knocked due to COVID has been dire for so many.
Yet, thanks to Jacqui, I learned to work with my clients in a way that has sustained me and my business has only grown from strength to strength, and now thriving beautifully.

I could not be more grateful for the skills and knowledge she has passed on to me. I honestly could not recommend her highly enough, particularly in these times.

Now is the time to have the building blocks in place and secure a full proof system to protect any business and Jacqui, together with the Great Scott Company team can be trusted to take care of that, wholeheartedly. Now that the enquiries lead to bookings more fluidly, I can focus on my craft and enjoy the art of what I do more as that is where my passion lies.”

“I would like to advocate the Great Scott Company Training, I have been in customer services for over 10 years in various contact centers and at best the company I work for currently is aware of the constant strive for Customer Excellence.

With our restricted resources and during this economic climate, internal trainers tend to be a dual-role position with other primary priorities and this could conflict with people they are training and working with on a permanent, full-time basis.

Having GSC training our staff is more beneficial and suited to every learning type be it, visual, audio or kinesthetic, we also benefit from an external company that brings experience from working with many different industries, they learn what our expectations are and show us how to identify opportunities and adapt to personalities that create win-win situations.

I have had the pleasure of dealing with the entire company for the past 2 years with positive continuing results.”

Jacqui of ‘the Great Scott Company’ is an experienced and skilled communication improvement facilitator whom we have used to groom our interface with the public. We operate Northcare, a GP/Urgent Care medical clinic on the North Shore in Auckland and we are aware that in a competitive environment first impressions are very important for a good ‘patient journey’ and a good reputation. Jacqui is down to earth, no-frills, a ‘look you in the face’ good communicator and that is what she teaches. Although everything costs money, it costs money to make money and we feel Jacqui’s expertise is a good investment. The day after she talked to our receptionists about managing multiple calls, smiling, being positive, and managing people respectfully but efficiently, I could see a difference. It was also good to see the staff enjoying their work more because they now had the tools to deal with difficult people and situations and to see them complimenting each other about the way they had handled situations.