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One on One Coaching, via Zoom

We can help you with Mindset, Career, Customer Service, Sales and Leadership mentoring!

  • One on One sessions that are proven to work to help you – gain the job you want, improve your mindset, improve your Customer Service, Sales or Leadership skills
  • Free edits to help create a fantastic CV and cover letter if you’re looking to apply for roles- giving you a template to work with from there
  • If you’re looking to apply for jobs- tried and true interview techniques, including video interviews
  • A fantastic Coach working with you with years of management, sales and customer service experience
  • Sessions that take into account each person’s individual situation
  • A coaching session that you can attend from home or your office via Zoom (trainer can come to you in NZ- travel may be extra)
  • Loads of practical tools you can start using straight away