Great Retail Sales Training – Retail Therapy!

In this fun four half-day Great Retail Sales trainings, we will train your store staff on how to spark up a rapport quickly and retain walk-in clients, the aim being to increase sales.  They will learn how to get a decision without being pushy, and overcome many objections they will come across- see the full content we can cover below.

Our courses are designed to be engaging, intimate, confidence building, and above all- skill-building so that staff are able to apply what we teach and easily use new skills straight away.

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Course content includes:

  • Store layout
  • The psychology of the consumer
  • The sales process
  • How not to scare them off!
  • Body language
  • Presentation
  • Listening
  • Questioning skills
  • Handling difficult customers
  • Overcoming objections
  • Where to from here (referrals, loyalty programmes)
  • Follow up
  • Phone vs In-store customers
  • Working with your team

One on one follow up is also available, please ask us about this!

Contact us for more information on this course.

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