About Jacqui Scott- Director of The Great Scott Company

My name is Jacqui Scott – I started The Great Scott Company in 2000. Our philosophy is that it’s all about the people – You, your staff, your customers, your marketplace and your potential customers and how we all communicate.

I have run this business over the years traversing through the peaks and troughs of the changing economy of NZ and Australia. I have excellent know-how of business structure, HR, Accounts, Business Management, Sales Management, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service and also Time Management techniques that keep my staff and I organized and on the mark.

My previous career has driven me through telemarketing roles, face-to-face sales roles, customer service roles, sales training and years in management roles. I have extensive knowledge of ‘people’ and what makes them tick, which is reflected in the style of our work. I have a personal belief that laughter relaxes, and the more relaxed a group are the more they will learn. The best trainers are confident enough in their skills and knowledge that they can relax a group quickly and get them into learning mode and ready for change. This is what I look for when I am selecting a trainer.