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It is our goal with every discussion, email or meeting to create long-term relationships with our clients. We will analyse your organisational training needs and develop Great Training that will provide staff the tools to close performance gaps, self-motivate and achieve ongoing successes- ROI for you!

The Great Scott Company, was started by Jacqui Scott in 2000 when she realised a need for tailor-made training for leaders and front-line staff- who are on the phones or face to face.

Generic courses just weren’t cutting it for many businesses, once the course was complete it was forgotten and staff slipped back quickly into old habits. So our philosophy is to assess, set standards, train to those standards, and work one on one with staff to monitor ongoing progress via re-assessments.

Because we are so involved with clients and their businesses we have added Team Building, Creative Events, and functions to our list of services.

We have also added our Your Choice Plan for clients who have ongoing training requirements- you commit to us for a long-term number of days and you get your rates slashed. Ask us about this plan, it’s Great!

Our company name- Great Scott! represents the amazing discoveries you’ll make when you attend any of our courses or events. So it’s our aim to creatively design solutions that will work, in line with your business and your products or services, and your desired outcomes translating into RESULTS for you!

We have a very hand’s on role in meeting the client, needs assessment, writing training manuals, delivery of training, follow up, and project management along with our team of selected trainers who have a similar dynamic training approach and the same philosophies.

We have clients all over New Zealand, in Australia, and are expanding into the U.K.