An experienced and skilled communication improvement facilitator

Jacqui of ‘the Great Scott Company’ is an experienced and skilled communication improvement facilitator whom we have used to groom our interface with the public. We operate Northcare, a GP/Urgent Care medical clinic on the North Shore in Auckland and we are aware that in a competitive environment first impressions are very important for a good ‘patient journey’ and a good reputation. Jacqui is down to earth, no-frills, a ‘look you in the face’ good communicator and that is what she teaches. Although everything costs money, it costs money to make money and we feel Jacqui’s expertise is a good investment. The day after she talked to our receptionists about managing multiple calls, smiling, being positive, and managing people respectfully but efficiently, I could see a difference. It was also good to see the staff enjoying their work more because they now had the tools to deal with difficult people and situations and to see them complimenting each other about the way they had handled situations.

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