Team Building

Team Visioning- One day event

“All our team from Marley NZ that attended the conference thought it was great and it’s brought about an amazing change for the better. Superbly organized just for us and planned with some welcome surprises, we walked away with a clearer, more dynamic vision that has united the team like never before. We were just thrilled with it all so now we’re looking forward to a brilliant year and more of the same!” Ari Cochrane Contact Centre Manager | Marley NZ

Gaining team buy in to company strategy. This is over one day plus pre meeting and both team & management follow up. Team Visioning is a one day team building event that offers management a chance to get the team’s ‘buy in’ into the company’s Strategic Plan, Mission Statement or Goals. We facilitate the team to create a better understanding of themselves, each other and where they see the team, company, competitors, market and customers in 6 or 12 months. This results in a Collective Collage built by the team to be kept in the team’s work environment as a reminder of their goals. The team will then create an Action Plan for the next 6 months represented by the collage under the company umbrella.

Storming Norman- One day event

Ever wish your team would just get on with it, but small or large conflicts seem to get in the way?

This one day plus pre meeting with individuals in the team, plus follow up is designed to gently get teams to storm then norm…they will openly get to talk about any areas of conflict in a carefully facilitated session, resolve those areas, then work on an action plan to reduce the risk of conflict in the future, work as a tight honest, open unit, and work smoothly from here on. This session is a Team Well Health session and every team we have taken through this have found it invaluable!

Challenging the Norm- One day event

One Day provides huge benefits that include gaining a clearer understanding of why things are the way they are, assisting your team to become more solutions focused instead of always seeing the issue. Participants are encouraged to challenge the way things are done, issues, areas where they can see improvements could be made & are frustrated in within their workplace or environment. They will brainstorm all the dissatisfactory areas and then work on solving the root causes. We have taken whole companies through this, so consider it for a conference/event as well as for individual teams.

Fear Factor- One day event

We will put your team into a Fear factor style challenge. The day’s outcomes will be tailored to your organizational needs. Individuals in the team will be pushed to their personal limits, with a huge dose of fun included at no extra charge!

Saving Private Ryan-Half or One day event

We will take your team into the bush and test their problem solving abilities. They will need to work as a team to find Private Ryan – after his chopper has been brought down by enemy fire! They will need to provide first aid, and then safely remove him from the bush on a makeshift stretcher, across streams! A fun, tough mission that can’t help but unite everyone! One of our most popular events!

The Amazing Race- Half or One day event

Your team will be given clues to strategies and complete challenges. The clues will be tailored for the team- demographics, likes, dislikes, Top of Form, fitness levels, company themes/products and for the level of fun or embarrassment they would be happy with! We design this event with all of these in mind- making sure it is memorable, relevant and challenging. Your team will absolutely LOVE this event- we receive so much feedback from all of our events but this one is a favorite!

Make a Movie- One day event

For this challenge your team will be taken to a secret location (usually a theatre)where they will be given the key scenes from a major movie- and their mission will be to create the scripting, casting and shooting of the movie- which will then be edited and digitised onto a DVD that they can keep forever!!

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