Staying Sane During Covid!

This new world we live in seems INSANE!

People are all over the show- hell I’m all over the show! One day I’m like yeah get a blimmin mask on, the next I’m like Stop trying to force Agenda 30 on me…

Then there’s our business. Getting up every day, and trying to find business, when it’s dried up, and knowing that I’m still doing what I’m meant to be doing amidst all of that.

So…how do I do it? People have told me time and time again that I’m the most positive person they know. Lately it’s sure been tougher but not insurmountable because I go back to what I know to be true (Katie Byron styles- if ya haven’t read Loving What Is, I highly recommend it).

I know to be true that I was given this business 20 years ago, and I am therefore, a steward of it. If I’m not meant to be in it, I don’t want it for me. This leads me to the way I set up each day to have the best mindset I possibly can.

  1. Before I go to bed, I get my running gear out
  2. When I wake up, I put that gear on before I leave the bedroom
  3. I go for a brisk walk/run intervals- short or long depending on the weather and my energy levels
  4. When I get back if I feel like it, I do exercises and weights
  5. I reward myself with my favourite Soy, flat white with a teaspoon of honey.
  6. I sit on the deck, chat to God about the day ahead, what I’m grateful for, pray for people I love, what my worries are. In this time always give Him the business and today’s outcomes, as it’s His.
  7. I then open my YouVersion Bible app and check out their ‘story’ for the day, thinking hard about it and how it applies to my life- I post a Facebook and Instagram post on my personal pages on how the verse relates to my life in case someone else needs to hear it too, and so that I can reflect back on it in the years to come.
  8. I make a smoothie to nourish my body for the day. This is my recipe but I’m assured it holds loads of health benefits for anyone (see the benefits I’ve copied here from
    • 1 Cup of organic blueberries or mixed berries – a cup of berries a day is huge as they are packed with antioxidants, help with blood sugar and insulin levels, fibre, Vit C, Manganese, Vit K1, Copper, Folate, fight inflammation, can lower cholesterol, and are good for your skin
    • 1 cup of spinach leaves – great for iron, calcium, magnesium, Vits A, B6 and C, niacin and folate
    • Top up to the level on my large Nutribullet cup (holds about 3 cups) with coconut water – fibre, carbs, vit C, magnesium, manganese, potassium, Sodium, Calcium
    • A TBSP of Slippery Elm (soothes inflammation)
    • A TBSP of peanut butter (great fats)
    • 2 scoops of either Vanilla Pea Protein (I try not to have dairy or gluten) and a serve of Collagen or if Pea protein not available 2 scoops of Jeunora Whey Protein with collagen.

You’ll notice there was no shower involved lol- that’s because in the COVID world we now live my meetings are predominantly online, so if I do have an online meeting I’ll pop a different top and makeup on, otherwise I spend the day in my active gear so that I feel active and comfortable all day!

Once at my desk- which these days is the upstairs dining room table, as its surrounded by windows and has a view of Te Whau river, so is light and airy (my office downstairs can feel a bit closed in, so at the moment I stay upstairs)- I check my list of things to do, appointments today, and update it with anything else that’s come to mind… ready to go!

By the time I get to my laptop I’ve invested time into my physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing for the day, thought about how I can help others, and determined my intention for the day.

You may have some days where ya just want to Netflix and chill and I totally have days where I feel like that, but I always go back to- activity produces results, so if I want this business to be blessed, what CAN I do right now? And not once has the answer been Netflix and chill ha ha.


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  1. Tracey
    Tracey says:

    I love this so much. I should really be putting my walking shoes out too, except my dog won’t sleep then, haha. He’ll patiently wait all night for his walkies. Haha, jokes aside though Jax, there is so much truth and wisdom here and thank you for the reminder. It’s just what I needed this morning xx

  2. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    Wow, i just loved reading this. I particularly love that you recognised the need to reposition your work area so its an uplifting space, that you take the time to celebrate your wins and are not too hard on yourself on the off days, listening to your body and what nourishment it needs. Some great reminders in there for me too. Thank you! X

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