Great Train the Trainer

Over two days, attendees learn how to plan and present a training session with an experienced trainer who has loads of examples from real life to share with you! You will be shown how to test if your trainees have understood what you have trained them and how to do an effective follow-up. The Great Train the Trainer training involves interactive workbooks, discussions, videoing, role plays & testing.

Great Scott always includes follow up as part of any training programme. It enables us to keep greater accountability with the attendees for what they have learned and to enable them to apply their newfound knowledge and skills! They will come away with an action plan of improvements to work on until the next coaching session. It is highly recommended to run follow up at least a few times, to really embed the training into the staff.

Course Content includes:

  • Trainees presentation
  • Planning your training session
  • Types of training situations
  • Pitfalls/ Outcomes
  • Attributes of a good/bad trainer
  • Learning Styles
  • Training session Structure
  • Test Case
  • Presenting A Training Session
  • Icebreakers
  • Questioning Techniques
  • Coaching
  • Feedback
  • Stance
  • Tools
  • Crowd Control
  • Reviewing & Testing
  • Final Videoing

One on one follow up is also available – Please ask us about this!

Great Scott also offers Remote Train the Trainer training for individuals and smaller groups. Check it out here!

the topics, skills, and techniques covered in the training by Jacqui was a life-changing experience. Now I just feel so equipped to go out there and conquer. Thank you so much Jacqui love your work. – Daniel Sanele,

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