Kylee Thompson Completed 20day Contact Centre Readiness Programme – May 2020. Seeking: Full-time role in Call Centre/Customer Service. Location: Christchurch, NZ Personal Statement: A very loyal and warm-hearted individual with over 12 years’ experience with customer and sales assistance. A proud and motivated mother of three has allowed me to acquire many valuable and transferable skills.  A home counsellor, baker and chef who loves to laugh. A keen multi-tasker, who excels under pressure and adapts well to change and new challenges. Course Competencies: Attendance: 100% Attitude: Kylee had a fantastic attitude toward the course right from the first interview.  She was always keen to fully understand content of the programme and apply it to her situation. Teamwork: Kylee is extremely team focused and her compassion and kindness were integral to creating a cohesive group. Trainer’s Reference: An absolute gem of a woman, whose beauty just shines out and whose self-esteem improved everyday as she regularly pushed herself out of her comfort zone.  Kylee exuded warmth, kindness and calmness to the group and is a pleasure to be around.  Kylee would thrive in any team and any role; in fact, any company would hit the jackpot if they hired her. A company who holds their customers in high regard would be an exceptional fit for Kylee. For further information please contact Ruth on 027 907 6678 or ruth@greatscottco.com