Imraan Ali Completed 20day Contact Centre Readiness Programme – March 2020. Seeking: Full-time role in Call Centre/Customer Service. Location: Auckland, NZ Personal Statement: I am an analyst with 9 years experience in a major New Zealand bank. My avid artistic skills & continuous improvement mindset add another dimension to my work, delivering simple, creative solutions backed by strong investigative communication. Having freshly returned from 19 months of experiential growth while travelling, I am ready to add value with applied wisdom from the east. Course Competencies: Attendance: 100% Attitude: Imraan was extremely hard working and highly motivated. He put so much energy into the course and was rewarded with great learnings and insights, plus a job confirmed before the course even finished.  Teamwork: Imraan stood out in the class as a leader. He was very caring and spent significant amounts of time helping others in the class. He offered great questions and insights and is currently on a huge journey of personal and professional growth and discovery.    Trainer’s Reference: I am really excited about Imraan’s future. He has significant potential and the capacity to work extremely hard. I can imagine he will excel in all of the opportunities ahead of him. I wish him the very best and look forward to keeping up to date with all of his developments.   For further information please contact Logan on 027 310 4930 or logan@greatscottco.com