Esther Macneil Completed 20day Contact Centre Readiness Programme – May 2020. Seeking: Full-time role in Call Centre/Customer Service. Location: Auckland, NZ Personal Statement: I am a customer service professional, with a strong background in Call Centre work, including Telesales, Inbound/Outbound and Customer Experience Management.I have recently graduated from the Contact Call Center Readiness Training with ‘The Great Scott Company’. I am returning to the workforce after time off with my teenagers resettling into life in New Zealand. During that time I have taken on a number of opportunities to enhance my knowledge and skills in other areas of work. I have listed these as relevant work experience, with a focus on diverse career opportunities for future business plans I would like to develop.  Course Competencies: Attendance: 75% Attitude: Esther has a fantastic attitude and worked hard during the course to make the most out of the activities and learnings. She showed up with a smile and an open mind to learn new things.   Teamwork: Esther is a fantastic team player who cares a huge amount about those around her. Esther is someone who is willing to ask the hard questions, which in turn encouraged others to share and ask questions too – especially early on in the course. During the course, she also shared her own experiences from previous jobs which allowed others to have context and real-life examples for their activities.  Trainer’s Reference: Esther is kind and empathetic. She cares for those around her and shows up for her team. She is respected by fellow co-workers and can fill the role of a team player or a team leader. Esther is on a journey of huge growth and self-discovery and I look forward to seeing her continue to grow in the years to come. For further information please contact Logan on 027 310 4930 or logan@greatscottco.com