Eileen Sears

Completed 20day Contact Centre Readiness Programme – February 2020.

Seeking: Full-time role in Call Centre/Customer Service.

Location: Dunedin, NZ

Personal Statement:

I have a positive team approach through my excellent communication skills and enjoy helping others to succeed. I have effective time management skills, am reliable, punctual and consistent.  I am proficient in Office Administration and consider myself a well-versed proven Customer Service expert. I have Health and Safety experience and have also assisted with training and development.

Course Competencies:




Eileen had an amazing attitude from the start and fully immersed herself in everything the programme had to offer her. The course was not what she expected, and due to her willingness and openness she grew immeasurably in her self-development.


Eileen brought a depth of experience and new ideas to the younger members. This she did gently and modestly, making sure her thoughts and suggestions were taken with the kindness they were meant, and the team loved her.

Trainer’s Reference:

It has been absolutely wonderful having Eileen as part of the group. Her fun nature, honesty and insight hugely benefited the group dynamic and the younger members of the group quickly became fans. Eileen is starting to recognise her self-worth, once she has, there will be no stopping this fantastic, strong woman.

For further information, please contact Ruth on 027 907 6678 or ruth@greatscottco.com