Courtney Colville Completed 20day Contact Centre Readiness Programme – May 2020. Seeking: Full-time role in Call Centre/Customer Service. Location: Christchurch, NZ Personal Statement: I am a highly motivated and hardworking young woman with a variety of transferable skills, who is excited to be returning to the workforce. Reliable, friendly and conscientious, I work well under pressure and enjoy being part of a team. I am honest, mature and responsible, with a can-do attitude and a willingness to learn new skills and systems. I have excellent time management, as well as communication skills.   Course Competencies: Attendance: 100% Attitude: Courtney was focused throughout the whole course; she took on board the new learnings and made them relevant to her own situation. Teamwork: Although Courtney is shy, it did not take her long to form strong bonds with the team.  She engaged positively with all her peers and they helped her grow in confidence. Trainer’s Reference: Courtney is a thoughtful, reflective young woman who has was able to set future goals and the stepping stones to attain them.  Although, one of the quieter members of the group Courtney stood out in her own way and made a positive impression on everyone.  This young woman is committed, dedicated and eager to learn, she genuinely would be an asset to any team. For further information please contact Ruth on 027 907 6678 or ruth@greatscottco.com