Chris Wilson Completed 20day Contact Centre Readiness Programme – March 2020. Seeking: Full-time role in Call Centre/Customer Service. Location: Auckland, NZ Personal Statement: I am looking for a position in which I can utilise my customer service experience, along with my problem-solving ability in order to provide a stellar experience for customers and colleagues alike. I am currently completing a Contact Centre Readiness program with the Great Scott Company. Once I have graduated on the 20th March, I look forward to becoming a part of a dynamic team as well as broadening my skills and abilities. It is my goal to incorporate these skills and abilities into a fun-loving, energetic work environment and create long-lasting relationships with colleagues. Course Competencies: Attendance: 90% Attitude: Chris had a positive attitude towards the course. He did not attend for a couple of days due to catching a cold so he worked from home and caught up very quickly on coursework. He is willing to work hard and put the time in necessary to get ahead in his life.   Teamwork: Chris was a high-level group contributor and obvious leader. He has a significant amount of expertise he openly shared from his days as a team member and manager at Kmart. I was very impressed by his willingness to support and encourage other group members.  Trainer’s Reference: Chris comes across as a hardworking individual who is willing to put focus and energy into a role. I can imagine Chris moving up into a leadership role very quickly within an organisation using his past learnings and experiences to help others on his team.  For further information please contact Logan on 027 310 4930 or logan@greatscottco.com