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Staying Sane During Covid!

This new world we live in seems INSANE! People are all over the show- hell I’m all over the show! One day I’m like yeah get a blimmin mask on, the next I’m like Stop trying to force Agenda 30 on me… Then there’s our business. Getting up every day, and trying to find business, […]

4 steps to getting your staff doing what you need them to do…

The age old leader’s challenge…when I see new leaders take up their role they do one of 2 things- they become everyone’s best mate, or ‘bestmaters’ or they become dictators. I understand why they do both- bestmaters need to be liked and therefore don’t want to feel alienated from their team, and dictators fear losing […]

Negative Kiwi attitudes to Chinese could derail tourism boom

Press Release 19th May 2016 A local sales and customer service training company is warning that Kiwis negative attitudes towards Chinese could derail New Zealand’s tourism boom from that part of the world. Following hot on the heels of news that 330,000 Chinese visited New Zealand in the last year, comes reports of Kiwis’ growing […]

Preventing Complaints

Given today’s announcement that NZ telcos have the greatest number of Commerce Commission Complaints I thought it apt timing to write a piece around one of the most in demand sessions we run called Diffusing Emotive Situations. Where it all begins: When there is conflict it can arise for various reasons obviously, but what we […]


We ALL know that salads are good for us right? Right! But this isn’t a blog about healthy food and helping our minds by feeding it what it needs, so that we can work at our optimal level (although CLEARLY it makes a difference – and we have years of scientific proof surrounding that fact!). […]