Pale Sauni works with us in the capacity of a Contractor who is a specialist in the areas of Financial training and Cultural Awareness training. His workshops are entertaining, extremely educational, creative and humorous.

Pale comes from a background in Social Work, Health and Education as well as MC extraordinaire for many major conferences around NZ. We feel extremely fortunate to have Pale on the team! His Browning of NZ workshop may be just what your organisation are looking for. His attitude and approach to his preparation, research, delivery, review and monitoring work is to bring only the most beautiful.

Make do won’t do anymore and the Kiwi culture requires an informed, acute and accurate understanding of what makes them think and feel. This sets the foundation for engaging with their needs in both learning and understanding and in doing so assists and informs him about what training and preparation of methods and techniques are required and appropriate to use; making the trainee the absolute focus.

In the mid 80’s, as a Sales Training Manager in a small Auckland franchise Real Foods Pale designed, initiated, developed and trained a team of workers to mastermind the packing and delivery of small plastic pails, filled with products into the Woolworths chain of stores in central Auckland. The important aspect of this initiative was the way in which the matching of the extreme diversity of the workers with the foreign concept of having products in plastic pails in supermarkets were brought together to successfully launch this project. Shoppers would pay only for products that they could scoop and weigh. No one dreamed that years later, plastic pails could be found in almost every corner store, dairy, bulk food supplier, superette, supermarket, mega supermarket and retailer across the whole country making way for easy scooping of products from pet food to rice, chocolate to bran, and confectionery to flour.

In the 90’s he committed time to study social work and as a direct result of this he designed, developed, delivered, monitored and reviewed training packages and workshops to the mental health community nationally.

Using particular strands of psychology and psychiatry, the workshops opened up a wide and clear understanding in the training rooms of one of this most important health phenomenon for human understanding and development. In ten years, never has there been a more dedicated community commitment in the area of policy, strategy, research, cost benefit analyses, consumer participation, community development, and clinical intervention and Government priority since the days of deinstitutionalization.

In recent years Pale’s workshops have taken on an aspect of the great theorist Lew Vygotsky where he speaks about scaffolding learning. He now designs, initiates, delivers, monitors and reviews education training packages in engaging with communities throughout New Zealand.

Pale’s expertise lies in adult literacy and learning and therefore allows him to be flexible in the aspects and topics of training that is required. Foundation life skills learning, financial literacy/skills, self-actualization and worth, confidence in sales and marketing, cultural safety, cross cultural communication, diverse community interaction, intergenerational issues and music are some of the current training packages that keep him busy in the health and education tertiary institutions throughout the country.

Pale lives in Auckland with his wife and contracts out to many organizations all over the country.